AP Woodworks is a carpentry and woodworking company based in Victoria, BC.  We specialize in a multitude of interior carpentry services, including, but not limited to, trimwork, staircases, mantles, and built-in organization units.  We pride ourselves on our high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, combined with a superb ability to work closely with our clients to help with design, and execute projects efficiently with no margin for error. 


AP Woodworks began in 2008, led by carpenter Andrew Philp, who has been in the industry for over 12 years.  Since our humble beginnings, we have been fortunate enough to have grown many exceptional relationships throughout this beautiful city with discerning contractors, designers, homeowners, and suppliers.  Our team has also grown to include a vibrant crew of forward thinking, highly skilled craftsmen- each with a unique vision and focus on modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly techniques and applications. 


The construction industry is ever changing at a rapid pace.   With it, we maintain a constant effort to provide artisan quality craftsmanship while evolving and remaining cognizant of these changing conditions; continually seeking new technology, advanced applications and modern design to better ourselves and our work.